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This is Chandan Kushwaha. I’m a student of the stock market. I believe in first learning and then earning. I’m trying to deliver some knowledge with the help of this website Stock Market in Hindi, that I have learned till now.

I am providing valuable insights and information about the stock market in Hindi. We understand the importance of financial knowledge and aim to empower our audience with knowledge and resources to make informed investment decisions.

I trade in the Indian stock market (Options, Future, Intraday trading, Swing trading & Positional trading) and also crypto trading.

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Our mission is to make the world of stock market investing more easy and understandable to Hindi-speaking audiences.

We strive to demystify the complexities of the financial markets, breaking them down into easy-to-digest content and actionable advice.

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  • Educational Content: We offer a wide range of articles, videos, and tutorials in Hindi, covering topics such as stock market basics, investment strategies and financial planning.
  • Market Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest market news and trends in the Indian and global stock markets.
  • Trading Strategies: I provide many trading strategies with deep explanations and examples.

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We value your feedback and questions. If you have queries or suggestions, please contact us at starttradingcontact@gmail.com. We’ll be happy to assist your journey towards financial growth and success.

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